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Facebook announced today a number of notable upgrades to their video portion of the social network. Following behind YouTube’s recent upgrades to their display, Facebook announced today that they’ll be supporting high resolution – up to 720p – to go along with higher quality audio codec support. Perhaps even more important, though, is the addition of remote embedding capability.

Why blog this? Facebook has to date been a very closed network, but with new additions of Facebook Connect, and the ability to embed higher quality video, the massive social network becomes far more practical to be used as a cross platform tool for projects involving social activity. Facebook can now provide the social hub, but through allowing content hosted on their platform to also exist on other sites (authentication, and video), its reach will grow exponentially. From a user perspective, this is fantastic, allowing people to put their content wherever they wish, but have a central point of control.

[via Mashable]


Only 9% of people find overlay video ads to be intrusive and detract from their overall viewing experience, according to a report by ITV.

ITV are testing various ad formats for placements within their video content. Overlays seem to be more popular (or rather less unpopular) than pre-roll ads, and have a 5% CTR – way higher than pre-roll.

The broadcaster has partnered with Keystream to test the new technology on the ITV Local Your News channel, with uSwitch and FreeSat as the first advertisers to trial the new approach.

Why blog this? It is a fine balancing between interuption and click-thru rates when it comes to inline video advertising. Already a number of platforms who allow innovative approaches to inline ads are springing up, and broadcasters and content distributors are eager to try them out. ITV is already discussing the user of inset advertising using technology which allows adverts to be placed on surfaces within content, which can of course be dynamically changed per market. launched recently. If you’re a fan of crisps and horror (and let’s face it, who isn’t?) visit the site, where the activity only happens between 6pm and 6am.

Why blog this? Lovely use of interactive and fullscreen video has created an immersive and engaging experience for the brand. Tasty.