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Dan Calladine’s excellent blog digital examples points to Youtube reflecting the UK’s habits in playing catchup with their TV content using online services, similar to the US focused results we discussed from Lifehacker’s poll last week.

Why blog this? X-Factor and Strictly Come Dancing are 14 out of the top 20 clips in a recent search. Further evidence of the non-linear approach many viewers are now taking to their content consumption habits.


The first live episode of Strictly Come Dancing is on Saturday night and I for one am shaking with excitement about our minute-by-minute blog – but then I have just had a cup of coffee.

The Guardian’s Organ Grinder getting all jittery about their liveblogging of this weekend’s Strictly Come Dancing.

Why blog this? Apart from being a great excuse to post an image of the lovely Miss Stevens, live blogging of events is a increasingly popular activity amongst die-hard fans. This is another example of a great backchannel, and having a mainstream supporter such as this is great for online traffic building. Live blogging is really simple to set up, and can be done on a tiny budget, providing you have resource for the blogger themselves.