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The Guardian ran a piece on The CW channel’s website today which discusses the desirability of items contained within the show, and their support in delivering those items to the consumer

“Our target group, which is mainly women between the ages of 18 and 34, are the sort of people whose main interest lies in music and fashion,” says The CW’s head of marketing, Rick Haskins. “They hear the music on the show and see the clothes and think, I wonder where I could get that dress that Leighton [Meester who plays Gossip Girl’s Blair Waldorf] is wearing, or I love that tune and I’d like to download it now.”

Why blog this? Advertising models are changing rapidly, and product placement, whether it be overt or otherwise, is gaining rapid popularity once again. From the relatively simple beginnings of ‘As Seen on Screen‘, which is now a substantial enterprise, through to this example of the broadcasters making the most of their audiences desire to be seen in the clothing of their idols, listen to the same music, drink the same soda, the internet provides a easy end to end channel for creating interest through to purchase. Less commercial models appear via this concept also, as placement of ‘macguffin‘ type objects or subtle messaging introducing other characters or clues through a fictional narrative may lead to the audience spending time investigating sub-plots or character development offline. Lost, The Dark Knight and Cloverfield used this to good effect in pre-release marketing (and of course ARG type content), and creating back stories online for further exploration which cannot be afforded on screen, is an excellent application of digital.