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The Endemol digital media production team released the Sex Education Show site to support the new series on Channel 4 this month. Working with Mint Digital, vox pop video content from the public talking frankly about their experiences in the sexual arena.

View the site at:


The first live episode of Strictly Come Dancing is on Saturday night and I for one am shaking with excitement about our minute-by-minute blog – but then I have just had a cup of coffee.

The Guardian’s Organ Grinder getting all jittery about their liveblogging of this weekend’s Strictly Come Dancing.

Why blog this? Apart from being a great excuse to post an image of the lovely Miss Stevens, live blogging of events is a increasingly popular activity amongst die-hard fans. This is another example of a great backchannel, and having a mainstream supporter such as this is great for online traffic building. Live blogging is really simple to set up, and can be done on a tiny budget, providing you have resource for the blogger themselves.