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Facebook announced today a number of notable upgrades to their video portion of the social network. Following behind YouTube’s recent upgrades to their display, Facebook announced today that they’ll be supporting high resolution – up to 720p – to go along with higher quality audio codec support. Perhaps even more important, though, is the addition of remote embedding capability.

Why blog this? Facebook has to date been a very closed network, but with new additions of Facebook Connect, and the ability to embed higher quality video, the massive social network becomes far more practical to be used as a cross platform tool for projects involving social activity. Facebook can now provide the social hub, but through allowing content hosted on their platform to also exist on other sites (authentication, and video), its reach will grow exponentially. From a user perspective, this is fantastic, allowing people to put their content wherever they wish, but have a central point of control.

[via Mashable]


Kottke and Make show us how to embed hi-res video clips using a little YouTube hack. nifty.

Seth Macfarlane, creator of cult hit Family Guy, has teamed up with Google Adsense to create ‘Seth MacFarlane’s Cavalcade of Cartoon Comedy‘, a number of shortform animated clips served through the Google Adsense delivery platform. Rather than serving a Google Ad, the content posted on supporting sites is a short cartoon, such as the one featured here, along with a pre-roll advert from the current sponsor, who are currently Burger King.

Why blog this? Whilst the primary delivery is through Google, many Family Guy/MacFarlane fans are linking to, or posting the videos on their own blogs – leading to the question, is this a cartoon with an advert at the start, or an advert with a cartoon at the end? In any case, when users are actively embedding advertising sponsored content in their own spaces, not to mention those advertisers who make revenue share from the placements, this is a very interesting new step for funded content.