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Bebo have launched an interactive comedy show – Chelsey: OMG!, after the success of their drama series Kate Modern, which received 57m views over its run.

Two episodes of the show will be screened each week, deeper content including the characters online to explore, and then interaction with the show via users responding to the action via the social network.

Why blog this? Capitalising on the following of Kate Modern, and shows such as The Gap Year, bebo has a captive audience for snack sized content such as this. Comedy has already been proven as a successful genre for online with much of youtube’s content and sites such as comedy platform ‘Funny or Die’. It will be interesting to see how interaction influences the comedy’s development. Also, Bebo said it is “developing a commissioning and scheduling policy that will see it offer a wider range of online programming next year.”


Seth Macfarlane, creator of cult hit Family Guy, has teamed up with Google Adsense to create ‘Seth MacFarlane’s Cavalcade of Cartoon Comedy‘, a number of shortform animated clips served through the Google Adsense delivery platform. Rather than serving a Google Ad, the content posted on supporting sites is a short cartoon, such as the one featured here, along with a pre-roll advert from the current sponsor, who are currently Burger King.

Why blog this? Whilst the primary delivery is through Google, many Family Guy/MacFarlane fans are linking to, or posting the videos on their own blogs – leading to the question, is this a cartoon with an advert at the start, or an advert with a cartoon at the end? In any case, when users are actively embedding advertising sponsored content in their own spaces, not to mention those advertisers who make revenue share from the placements, this is a very interesting new step for funded content.