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Whenever his son needed any information, he would open up YouTube, type in the search term and then just watch the videos that showed up as matches. He never Googled anything; he never went to any other site; his entire web experience was confined to YouTube videos. It was rather puzzling, I thought. Could it be that there are YouTube videos on any topic? My curiosity was piqued, and I decided to run a little experiment.

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Why blog this? Youtube is already arguably the second largest search engine, and usage behaviours for younger audiences seem to support this in their method of seeking information through visual and video means, rather than textual forms. Whilst youtube is predominatly ‘entertainment’ content, it is only a matter of time before it becomes a far richer video based resource, and with improvements towards ‘hyperlinking’ together videos, it isn’t unacheivable to think that video based content browsing is to become the norm. For content production companies, this is of course good news, but with changing consumption methods, scripting and approach to content needs to be considered from a digital perspective. Just putting clips from television online isn’t the answer.


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